Bracelet made of Sterling Silver ,pearl

Bracelet made of Sterling Silver ,pearl

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Bracelet made of Sterling Silver


Bracelet made of Sterling Silver Stone Blue Lapis

Bracelet made of Sterling Silver ,pearl

Brand: Amazing Jewelry
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190.00 LEI
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Bracelet  sterling silver, pearl

In ancient Egypt, silver was considered more valuable than gold because of its purifying properties, being a shield against negative energies.

Compared to other precious metals, silver is reported to the moon, with remarkable effects on mood, strengthens emotions, intuition, and absorbs negative energies. Worn daily, silver jewelry can soothe nervousness, reduce stress and slow down the aging process by stimulating immunity.

Pearls are born when a foreign body (a micro-organic parasite or sandblast) penetrates the shell and the mantle, it irritates the mantle that begins to pee secretly to protect itself from possible irritation. The body deposits around that body thousands and thousands of concentric layers of pearl, forming pearls, a process that can last between 10 and 20 years. Pearl is a symbol of purity, generosity, loyalty, femininity, beauty and wisdom gained through experience, it is said to bring good luck, has calming effects, balances karma.

Rhodium plated silver jewels are all the more spectacular as rhodium is a precious material than platinum gold, which gives glitter jewelry, durability and anti-allergenicity. Such a jewel is very special and can also be worn by the children.


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Material Sterling Silver, pearl
Size One size
Stone Pearl
Type Bracelet

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